Stamford Bridge Primary School

​Fun, friendship and learning for life

Fun, Friendship and Learning for Life! 

World Book Day
World Book Day

Our School Aims 

Our purpose at Stamford Bridge Primary School is,  in partnership with the community, to provide a quality education for all pupils in a secure, caring environment so that they may fulfill their roles as  responsible members of society.


We aim

  •  to ensure that all pupils receive their full entitlement to the whole  curriculum.

  • to provide a curriculum that will not only motivate children but also  encourage them to understand the purpose and enjoyment of learning.

  • to provide an environment where children apply their knowledge, skills and  understanding with confidence whilst developing their ability to investigate and  problem solve through discussion, prediction and evaluation.

  • to provide a stimulating and vibrant environment in order to support  positive attitudes to learning.

  • to encourage children to respect and value other cultures and beliefs and  ultimately to become caring, confident and educated members of a multi-faith,  multi-cultural society.

  •  to develop positive attitudes and an awareness of the needs, strengths and  qualities of others in order to work, share and grow socially and emotionally,  spiritually and morally, physically and  intellectually.