Stamford Bridge Primary School

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Meet Our Staff...

The staff team taking part in our annual egg rolling competition!



Mrs T Fitzhenry

Deputy Headteacher


Mrs K Foxton


Class teachers


Mr S Parkinson - Class 6 Bear

Miss R Arnold - Class 5/6 Eagle

Miss A McNeill - Class 5 Lion

Mr L Horrocks - Class 4 Wolf

Miss E Clark - Class 3/4 Dolphin

Mrs E Calverley and Mrs L Shadrack - Class 3 Meerkat

KS1 and EYFS

Mrs E McNeil - Class 2 Deer

Mrs K Foxton and Mrs K Garland - Class 1 Fox

Mrs B Bowes - Class Reception/1 Owl

Mrs S Wilkie, Mrs J Lofthouse and Miss D Griffiths - Reception Kangaroo and Nursery Koala

Part time teachers/PPA Cover


Mrs C Bower - PPA cover/French

Mrs R Whittaker - PPA cover/Music

Mrs Alison Turner/Miss Mel Turner - swimming teachers

Mrs P King (HLTA)

Mrs P Smithson (HLTA)

Mrs H Easton (HLTA)


Curriculum Co-ordinator Roles


English - Miss R Arnold

Maths - Mrs E McNeil

Science - Mrs B Bowes

History - Mrs E Calverley

Geography - Mrs E Shadrack

Art and design - Miss E Clark

PE - Mr S Parkinson

Primary languages (French) - Mrs C Bower

RE - Mrs T Fitzhenry

PSHE - Miss R Arnold

SEN - Mrs K Garland

G&T - Mrs S Wilkie

Computing - Mr L Horrocks

Early Years Foundation Stage - Mrs S Wilkie

Assessment – Mrs K Foxton

Child Protection - Mrs E McNeil

Staff Development - Mrs K Foxton

Outdoor learning - Mrs B Bowes

Educational Visits - Miss R Arnold


Advanced School Business Manager

Mrs K Douglas


Admin Assistants

Mrs S Andrew

Mrs L Dale

Miss B Thompson


Teaching Assistants

Mrs H Easton (HLTA)

Mrs P King (HLTA)

Mrs P Smithson (HLTA)


Mrs K Walker

Mrs M Robertson

Miss E Cammidge

Miss D Midgley (Outdoor Learning)

Miss V Rollinson

Mrs J Lofthouse (Nursery Nurse)

Miss D Griffiths (Nursery Nurse)

Mrs A Said

Miss C Havercroft

Mrs H Bateman

Miss D Lee

Mrs C McQuillan

Mrs K Thompson-Cole

Miss C Cross


Site Supervisor


Mr C Sheridan




Mrs D Finnerty

Mrs S Brown

Miss S Jerrold


Mid-day Assistants


Mrs E Thompson (Senior)

Mrs P Easton (Senior)

Mrs P King

Mrs S Burke

Mrs S Brown

Mrs L Morris




Mrs J Ainley


Kitchen Staff


Mrs M Pickering

Mrs C Breckon


1066 Club Staff


Mrs J Beswick (Manager)

Mrs K Walker (Deputy Manager)

Miss K Jerrold

Miss D Midgley

Ms D Outwin

Miss B Ainley

Miss S Jerrold