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Stamford Bridge Primary School

Stamford Bridge Primary School Stamford Bridge Primary School

Awards Page

Congratulations to all our award winners this week. We are proud of you!

Awards page

Each week a number of children are recognised for their contributions to school life as well as their learning.  We celebrate these achievements in our Friday assemblies, when the whole school comes together on alternate sites each week.

Vic Naylor Award

Our Vic Naylor Award, linked to excellent citizenship, commemorates Mr Vic Naylor, who was head of Stamford Bridge Primary School for many years.  The Vic Naylor shield is given to one class a week and the class teacher nominates one boy and one girl for acts of kindness, thoughfulness, helpfulness and for having a positive attitude towards school and others.

Headteachers's Awards

Every class teacher chooses one child a week for a headteacher's award.  These certificates are awarded for high standards of work, effort, progress or achievement, or for a special skill or attribute.  All children are recognised at some point in the year for a headteacher's award.

Golden Spoon Awards

We are very proud of the excellent table manners our children display and their overall helpfulness during lunchtimes.  The Golden Spoon Award aims to recognise those children that go above and beyond our expectations each week.  Lunchtime staff nominate children and put their names into a golden box.  All names are read out in assembly and each child receives a team point in recognition of their contribution to lunchtime success.  One name is chosen from the infants and that child chooses a small prize; one child from the juniors earns the right to go into first lunch the following week with a friend.

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