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Stamford Bridge Primary School

Stamford Bridge Primary School Stamford Bridge Primary School


"Alan Turing gave us a mathematical model of digital computing that has completely withstood the test of time. He gave us a very, very clear description that was truly prophetic." 

- George Dyson

Subject Leader: Mr L Horrocks


At Stamford Bridge we want pupils to be MASTERS of technology and not slaves to it. Technology is everywhere and will play a pivotal part in our pupils' lives. Therefore, we want to model and educate our pupils on how to use technology positively, responsibly, and safely. We want our pupils to be creators not purely consumers and our broad curriculum encompassing computer science, information technology and digital literacy reflects this. We want our pupils to understand that there is always a choice with using technology and as a school we utilise technology (especially social media) to model positive use. Our ambitious knowledge rich curriculum is balanced with the opportunity for pupils to apply their knowledge. We want all pupils to be fluent with a range of tools to best express their understanding and aim that by upper Key Stage 2, children have the independence and confidence to choose the best tool to fulfil the task and challenge set by teachers. 


At Stamford Bridge, our Computing curriculum is varied and long-term plans ensure that we meet the requirements of the National Curriculum. We have recently adopted the use of the Teach Computing curriculum to further support the delivery of high-quality Computing. Teach Computing is used to aid colleague in their subject knowledge and planning of Computing. The scheme provides a strong basis of what is expected in each year group, however, teachers will adjust and adapt the lessons to suit the needs of their class.  

Our Computing curriculum is sequenced precisely to ensure progression of knowledge and skills throughout a child’s primary education, thus enabling pupils to build upon prior experiences and apply these fluently and with confidence. We place a premium of using technology across the curriculum to enhance all other subject areas and to prepare children for the ever-changing digital society they will emerge into. As a result of this, we ensure each classroom is well equipped with iPads and Microsoft Surface Go devices that the children can access throughout the school day.  

E-safety is at the heart of the Computing curriculum and is a part of every lesson ensuring that children are equipped with strategies that enable them to make confident and safe judgements about their online activity at school and at home. 


Our pupils leave our school as confident and safe users of technology. Our pupils are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful in the digital society they will emerge into.  

Teachers have the knowledge and understanding of how to deliver a range of sequenced lessons to provide challenge to all pupils. Teachers regularly assess pupils during their learning to identify areas of development.  

Pupils have access to extra-curricular computing clubs that provide further opportunity to develop their confidence, knowledge, and skills.   

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