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Stamford Bridge Primary School

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WLP Privacy Notice – Pupils and Parents

Stamford Bridge Primary School

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

(please note that any reference to GDPR may be subject to change as the Data Protection Bill progresses)

Please click here to access the WLP Privacy Notice – Pupils and Parents General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

This Privacy Notice has been written to inform parents and pupils to schools within the Wolds Learning Partnership about what we do with individual’s personal information. This Notice may be subject to change as the Data Protection Bill progresses.

Who are we?

Stamford Bridge Primary School is a school in the Wolds Learning Partnership (a Multi-Academy Trust), a ‘Data Controller’ as defined by Article 4 (7) of GDPR. This means that we determine the purposes for which, and the manner in which, your personal data is processed. We have a responsibility to you and your personal data and will only collect and use this in ways which are compliant with data protection legislation.

The Trust has appointed Veritau Ltd to be its Data Protection Officer (DPO). The role of the DPO is to ensure that the Trust is compliant with GDPR and to oversee data protection procedures. Veritau’s contact details are:

What information do we collect?

The categories of information that we collect, hold and share include the following:

  • Personal information of pupils and their family members e.g. name, pupil number, DOB and address
  • Educational attainment
  • Free school meal eligibility
  • Attendance information
  • Assessment information
  • Behavioural information
  • Safeguarding information

We will also process certain ‘special category’ data about our pupils including:

  • Relevant medical information- please note that where the pupil has a severe allergy or is thought to be at risk of needing emergency care for a medical issue then this will be shared with all the staff. We may do this in the form of photo identification in the staff room or via ClassCharts to ensure that all staff are aware of the issues should an emergency situation arise
  • Special Educational Needs and Disabilities information
  • Race, ethnicity and religion
  • Biometric data e.g. thumbprints

Why do we collect your personal data?

We use the information we collect:

  • to support pupil learning
  • to monitor and report on pupil progress
  • to provide appropriate pastoral care
  • to assess the quality of our services

Any personal data that we process about our pupils and parents is done so in accordance with Article 6 and Article 9 of GDPR:

Our legal basis for processing your personal data, in line with Article 6(1)(c) include:

  • Education Act 1944,1996, 2002
  • Education and Adoption Act 2016
  • Education (Information About Individual Pupils)(England) Regulations 2013
  • Education (Pupil Information) (England) Regulations 2005
  • Education and Skills Act 2008
  • Children Act 1989, 2004
  • Children and Families Act 2014
  • Equality Act 2010
  • Education (Special Educational Needs) Regulations 2001

We also process information in accordance with Article 6(e) and Article 9(2)(g) as part of the official authority vested in us as Data Controller and for reasons of substantial public interest. Such processing, which is not mandatory but is considered to be in our pupils’ interests, include:

  • School trips
  • Extra curricular activities

Whilst the majority of pupil information you provide to us is mandatory, some of it is provided to us on a voluntary basis. When we do process this additional information we will ensure that we ask for your consent to process this.

Who do we obtain your information from?

Much of the information we process will be obtained directly from you (pupils and parents). We will also process information received from:

  • Department for Education (DfE)
  • Local Education Authority: East Riding of Yorkshire Council, North Yorkshire County Council and City of York Council. Periodically from other Authorities where transfer of pupils takes place.
  • Previous schools attended or places of work
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