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Stamford Bridge Primary School Stamford Bridge Primary School



At Stamford Bridge Primary School, we teach the children to write in a cursive style - see attachment below. This begins in EYFS where the children learn to write in a pre-cursive script and begin to join some digraphs. From Y1, the children move on to using a cursive handwriting script and continue to join some digraphs. In Y2, the children continue use cursive script and begin to join most of their letters. In Y3-Y6, usually the children have developed most of the skills necessary to be able to write in a neat, joined, cursive script.

There are many advantages of teaching children to write in a cursive style: one being that you can quickly identify when a child is forming letters incorrectly. For example, trying to start a at the bottom and moving clockwise, rather than starting with the entry stroke and then moving anticlockwise from the top of the letter to the bottom. Although the cursive style can seem quite laborious to start as it takes slightly longer to write each letter separately, you will really see the benefits when your child starts to join fully in Year 2. 

Constant repetition is the key, emphasising the correct entry and exit strokes every time. It is essential that your child gets into good habits early on and this includes having the correct pencil grip. 

You can support your child at home by encouraging them to practise at home on a regular basis. Reluctant writers are often more willing to try if you give them different colour pens to trace over. You can even enlarge the letters and trace over using paint, chalk, using a bottle of water with a sports cap, or even tracing over the letters with a toy car.




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