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Stamford Bridge Primary School

Stamford Bridge Primary School Stamford Bridge Primary School


Our Curriculum

The individual subject pages provide an outline of what children will be expected to know and do (knowledge, skills and understanding) by the end of each year and key stage. These expectations are used to assess pupils’ achievement.

Our intent is to provide a curriculum that is:

  • well-structured and sequenced in terms of the skills and knowledge that pupils acquire
  • broad - offering a wide range of subjects
  • balanced - each subject is not only taught to all pupils but is afforded sufficient space on the timetable to deliver its distinct contribution
  • builds on prior learning in order to lay the foundations for what will come next

Our curriculum is based on 4 key values

  • Believe
  • Engage
  • Succeed
  • Together

These values are what we believe all children in our care should develop during their time with us. These underpin everything we do – how we treat each other, how we work and the work we plan. We believe that if every pupil develops these values, they will acquire the positive learning attitudes that will assist them in meeting the national expectations at the end of Year 6. They will not only be well-prepared for the next stage of their education but in addition will have the building blocks that promote effective life-long learning.

Within the curriculum, English, mathematics, science and French are taught discretely.  We also plan topics that link together subjects in the National Curriculum - combining reading, writing, history, geography, art, design & technology, plus other subjects such as mathematics and physical education where appropriate thereby ensuring all subjects are given the same value and status; and allows pupils to make links between subjects and our daily lives.

The curriculum at Stamford Bridge does not simply focus on the academic side of pupils’ development. We also concentrate on their social, emotional and personal development so that they are well placed to take advantage of the many opportunities that life will present to them as they grow older. Therefore, our curriculum aims to promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils and together with British Values prepares our pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences associated with later

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