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Stamford Bridge Primary School

Stamford Bridge Primary School Stamford Bridge Primary School


Personal, Social and Health Education

Equipped with a mental well being toolkit, children at Stamford Bridge Primary School are able to think critically about themselves and the world around them. All children leave with skills to empathise, keep safe and have a balanced lifestyle. They are keen to contribute and value difference, using their knowledge of feelings and emotions to maintain healthy relationships for life.

Personal, social and health education (PSHE) enables children to become healthy, independent and responsible members of society. We encourage our pupils to play a positive role in contributing to the life of the school and the wider community. In doing so, we help develop their sense of self-worth. Across school, we teach children about how society is organised and governed and we ensure that they experience the process of democracy in school through the school council. We teach them about rights and responsibilities. They learn to appreciate what it means to be a positive member of a diverse multicultural society.

Aims and objectives

The aims of personal, social and health education are to enable the children to:

  • know and understand their rights and responsibilities and have respect for others’ rights and responsibilities;
  • respect and understand the environment and sustainability needs;
  • develop a good awareness of money, its roles and how to manage it;
  • know and understand what constitutes a healthy lifestyle;
  • be able to recognise what they are good at and develop self-confidence and self-esteem, enabling them to make informed choices regarding personal and social issues now and in their future lives;
  • understand growing and changing and the attached emotions and feelings;
  • be aware of safety issues and how to keep safe in a range of situations;
  • be able to recognise feelings, emotions and the way behaviour links to these;
  • value difference and similarities;
  • understand what makes for healthy relationships with others.

You can find a copy of our Whole School Curriculum Overview below and please speak to your child's class teacher or Miss Clark, our PSHE lead, if you have any questions.

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