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Stamford Bridge Primary School

Stamford Bridge Primary School Stamford Bridge Primary School

School Council

Welcome to our School Council page.

Our School Council is made up of one boy and one girl from Year 2 to 6.

At the start of the year, the children stood for the position and were successful in being elected by their class peers to represent their class. Our school councillors are dedicated and passionate representatives of our school and our local community, striving to create ever-improving school and community environments.

Congratulations to the School Councillors 2023/2024:

Y2 (Owl) Lexi  and Jack 

Y2 (Woodpecker) Edward  and Hattie 

Y3 (Rabbits) Lola  and Henry 

Y4 (Kingfisher) Faith  and Teddy 

Y4 (Deer) Patrick  and Heidi 

Y5 (Badgers) Hope  and Max 

Y6 (Fox) Kara  and Oliver 

All decisions made in the school council meetings are fed back into the classroom by the school council members and back to the staff by Miss Greening.

The school councillors have their own booklets to record ideas, tasks and peers opinions and visions to which we discuss in our fortnightly meetings.

Please find below the School Council's fortnightly weekly meeting minutes detailing ideas discussed and actions taken.



2022/2034 events:
Playground equipment
The School Councillors have collated their fundraising money from last and this year's cake sales to purchase some playground equipment for the children. 

The Councillors listened to their peers and decided to purchase a set of polydron and some outdoor chalk boards for the children to get artistic and creative on during their play times.

As soon as the equipment arrives, the school councillors will be tasked with looking after, maintaining and collecting up the equipment at the end of each play time. 

Half-term bake sales
The Councillors continue to organise and run their own class bake sale alongside their class peers each half-term:  raising money for a chosen charity and the School Council. We are very grateful to parents and carers for their support in baking good for the sales.

Reducing Idling in Stamford Bridge
During Spring 2 the children raised the concern of 'idling' in the square in the middle of the village and it's impacts upon the whole community and global warming. As a group, the children considered the best way to begin to reduce this problem. The children spent a lot of time creating posters which we will send to local business to place in their windows to discourage idling. 

After discussing the 'vision' of Stamford Bridge Primary School in classes, the Councillors raised the idea of creating a 'greener image' school whereby we had more plants and wildlife to give the school a 'spring lift'. The children have written letters to local garden centres politely asking for donations for us to plant in and around school.


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