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Stamford Bridge Primary School

Stamford Bridge Primary School Stamford Bridge Primary School

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural learning

Each school has a duty to provide learning opportunities to develop pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural learning.  What does that mean and what does it look like in our school?

Spiritual learning

Explore beliefs and experience; respect faiths, feelings and values; enjoy learning about oneself, others and the surrounding world; use imagination and creativity; reflect.

Our RE lessons focus on a major world faith alongside Christianity.  We have studied Hinduism and Islam, linked to core faiths shared in our partner school in India.  We are looking forward to learning about the Sikh faith next year.

Our junior children visited York Mosque and Islamic Centre to meet the Imam and find out first hand what it means to practice Islam in York today.  We all learned so much about life for young Muslims and their faith!

The Prayer Bus visited our school to introduce our juniors to activities on personal reflection, conflict resolution and hopes for the future. Children were given the space to be still and explore their own thoughts linked to their own personal beliefs.

Moral learning

Recognise right and wrong; respect the law; understand consequences; investigate moral and ethical issues; offer reasoned views.

Our school is developing an application to become a Rights Respecting School.  We have been learning about the work of UNICEF and children's rights through assemblies and lessons in class.  A summary of the UN convention on the rights of the child is included below.

Social learning

Use a range of social skills; participate in the local community; appreciate diverse viewpoints; participate, volunteer and cooperate; resolve conflict; engage with the 'British values' of democracy, the rule of law, liberty, respect and tolerance.

All children are involved in creating their class charters and agreed rules at the start of each school year. These link to our school behaviour policy, which is based on respecting each other's rights and accepting our responsibilities.

We learn about democracy through voting in our School Councillors each year.  Children on KS2 run election campaigns, share their campaign posters and take part in a secret ballot in order to choose their class representatives.

We also run workshops linked to current political news.  The children have enjoyed finding out about the American presidency elections, what Brexit means and the snap election this year.  We hold assemblies to teach children the basics of our political system using age-appropriate resources.  We never share our personal views with the children, preferring to present the facts and allowing them to make their own informed decisions.

Cultural learning

Appreciate cultural influences; appreciate the role of Britain's parliamentary system; participate in culture opportunities; understand, accept, respect and celebrate diversity.

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